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Confusing Words > lay and lie
Does "bored" mean the same as "boring"? What's the difference between "funny" and "fun"? Here are some commonly confused English word pairs.

lay (to cause to lie down) and lie (to be or place oneself at rest in a flat, horizontal position)

Both verbs are irregular. Be careful because the past tense of to lie is lay.

lay laid - laid
lie lay - lain


Our kids like lying (Note the spelling of lying!) in bed till the midday.
Lay the pens on the table, please.
Cynthia lay under a tree to sleep.
Dirty dishes lay on the table.
Do you know how to lay a real wood floor?

However, when to lie means not to tell the truth, it is a regular verb, e.g. She lied to me about her previous job.

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